Today I am going to be sharing with you how I plan my workouts, my split and routine. Keep in mind this is my workout split and what I love to do.. I totally encourage you to find a workout routine that makes you happy and to want to go to the gym or train at home.  

I read several articles this week all about how Lifting Weights As You Age may be the secret to a longer life… weight training is one reason why I believe I am living myself young.

I was inspired to share this after I appeared on the Naomi & Jack YouTube channel in a video called  “Who Knows Me Better? Sister, Mum, or Wife? “ This video had nothing to do with weight training so I couldn’t believe how many people commented on asking about my workout routine. 

I do all my weight training at the gym but If you want to work on your strength training at home then you can. I used to do all my exercise at home and I talk about this in my previous blog.  My favourite at home workouts were with American fitness model  Jennifer Nicole Lee.  Back in 2014 she must have been one of the first to stream workout videos online and I must have been one of her first subscribers! She came up with the phrase  STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY and that really resonated with me.

For those of  you who haven’t seen my previous blog, Andrew is my husband, he is 56 years young.  Andrew became interested in  weight training at an early age of 12 when he would train at home in his bedroom. When I met Andrew he was training at the gym every other day and doing a full body workout every session, so I joined him and we trained together in this way for about a year. Back then I didn’t even think about making gains, I was just enjoying the training…  One thing I did notice though was how good I felt after training. It really boosted my confidence. If you watched my previous video you will probably have picked up how I used to have low self esteem and very little confidence. Training with weights has helped me with this so much.

A year later we moved house and joined a different gym and after chatting to the owner there we changed things up and started training in a different way.  We kept training every other day but changed our split, so instead of a full body workout we started doing a push/pull/leg split. Day 1 we would train our shoulders, chest and triceps, a push day. Then we had a rest day. Day 2  was a pull day, back and biceps and this was when we would train abs too. Followed by a rest day.  Day 3 was a legs day, quads, hamstrings and calves. Then a rest day and then repeat.  It didn’t even occur to me at the time that I wasn’t training glutes.  Now I train glutes 3 times a week! 

Then at the beginning of last year when I decided I wanted to compete I took some advice to increase my training from 4 days a week to 5 days a week.  

BUT what was a game changer for me and when I started to notice some real gains was when I found myself a coach. I asked Dean White to coach me for my competition. Dean is a PCA PRO Athlete and he trains at the same gym as me. I admire his success, dedication and knowledge of bodybuilding and after having an initial chat with him I knew he was the right person to be my coach. 

I put all my trust into Dean and he helped me to get into better condition than I ever thought possible.

Dean increased my training to 6 days a week. He also changed my split, the focus was on building my glutes and shoulders to achieve the X Frame required for the Bikini Masters category I was now planning to enter.  


After the British Finals in October I took a week off from the gym and then started training with Andrew again. I was missing our workout sessions together. 

But now I am back to the workout routine Dean set for me  because I plan to compete again later this year. Training 6 DAYS A WEEK.

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