How I’m training with a shoulder injury 

If you watched my last video you will know I’m working on building my shoulders for my next competition in August.  But my problem is that when I perform a side lateral raise or front raise I get pain down my arm… 

I booked a personal training session with my coach Dean White so he could show me how to train around this. Dean is very good at working around injuries and I will share some of the things he showed me in this video.

Before my session with Dean asked me to  see my sports massage therapist to get assessed and make sure he was happy I could train. He gave me the go ahead and also recommended some self care so regular hot baths and self massage at home with my foam roller. I find these Yoga Tune Up balls really good as they target more specific trigger points.



A few takeaways from MY TRAINING SESSION

To warm up properly.

Do partial reps to isolate my delts.

If it hurts stop doing it.

The use of supersets with lighter weights and lower reps.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

The benefits of a personal training session.


Personal Training Session

Wherever you are in your weight training journey I highly recommend investing in a personal training session, you will learn so much and come away motivated and understanding the intensity you need to train at to see results. For anyone interested in contacting Dean for Personal Training or coaching you can find him on Instagram or Facebook

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